"Spectacularly catchy and exciting and addictive"    - The Bay Bridged

"Masterfully mixing Swing, Surf, Punk, and Pineapples into a magical Concoction." - I Heart SF Bands



Van Goat takes the tradition of fun, fast, eclectic surf rock started by bands such as Agent Orange, The Pixies, and The Minutemen, mixed with their own brand of swing punk reminiscent of The Squirrel Nut Zippers. Fast, crass, and extremely catchy, Van Goat’s music is defined by constant hooks and changes.


Members Aidan, Ben, Derek, and Taylor met in Santa Cruz playing in a variety of high energy funk, surf, swing, and rock bands. The four moved to the Bay Area and formed a band called Bear Lincoln with the sole purpose of finding and honing a new sound and working as hard as possible to get that sound out. The ethos was built on constantly playing shows, performing anyplace that would have them. Averaging a show a week for the first 2 years (2013-2014), the band became incredibly tight, and incredibly tired. They played shows at The Independent and Noise Pop and toured Southern California twice, and they have shared the stage with eclectic powerhouses Dengue Fever and Battlehooch.


Following this string of constant live shows, the band spent the next two years focusing on songwriting, recording, and getting their shit together. They’ve come out the other end with a more focused, polished sound. In 2017, they adopted itinerant horn player and vocalist Lindsay Alexis, a finalist on the hit television show "Trombone You Think You Can Dance."


While visiting a farm in Pescadero, CA, a goat spoke to singer Aidan Ward and told him, “You are Van Goat”. And they were. With their new single ‘So’, and EP 'So Far No Good,' the band has found their genre-bending, high energy sound that is not to be missed.






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