"Spectacularly catchy and exciting and addictive"    - The Bay Bridged

"Masterfully mixing Swing, Surf, Punk, and Pineapples into a magical Concoction." - I Heart SF Bands


Van Goat is ‘swing-punk’: propulsive, visceral, and delicious. They combines elements of swing, punk, ska, surf, and rock n roll, but it has a sound all its own. The Squirrel Nut Zippers meet The Clash. On their first full-length, slotted to be released this August through Prize Fighter Records, they mix driving bass and guitar with clarinet, trombone, and the electric pineapple. Nearly every song is under three minutes with hot hooks, four-part harmonies, pronounced dynamics, and pointed lyrics.

The band is from Oakland and play up and down California. Originally a four-piece, they released their first EP ‘So Far No Good’ in January 2016. Since the release, the band added Lindsay Alexis on trombone and vocals, which helped them create the swing-punk sound so prominent on the new release. They put on an incredibly high-energy show that is not to be missed and have built a dedicated following touring the West Coast.

Follow Me Under

On their first full-length album ‘Follow Me Under,’ Van Goat combines elements of swing, punk, ska, surf, psych and rock and roll - but have managed to find cohesion amongst eclecticism. No two songs sound alike, yet each song is distinctly Van Goat.

At its core, Follow Me Under is a swing-punk record. The band’s blend of these two  genres can be heard most prominently on the title track, as well as album closer ‘I Live In A Bubble’ and their cover of Frankie ‘Halfpint’ Jackson’s ‘Willie the Weeper.’ Other standouts include ‘Nothing Matters", a night-gone-wrong ballad sung by Lindsay Alexis, and “Ew La La,” a surf doo-wop rug-cutter by Aidan Ward.

Ward takes lead on all but two songs on the record. His lyrics examine serious subjects like overpopulation on ‘Dry Me Out’ and xenophobia on ‘National Identity,’ but he maintains a sense of humor as well. On ‘Aunt Arctica’ he looks at the construction of an oil pipeline through the eyes of a moose. His lyrics are also personal, most notably on ‘To Be Loved’ and ‘Hide and Seek.’

Follow Me Under is being released through Prize Fighter Records in 2018 on 12” vinyl. Although there are many singles, ‘Follow Me Under’ is an album with dynamics, interludes, ebbs and flows. This is one of those albums best listened to as a record: front to back.




Photographs © Francesco Carucci


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