Follow Me Under Vinyl - $20

Follow Me Under Vinyl - $20

Follow Me Under CD - $15

Follow Me Under CD - $15


"Like a skeleton band in Hell- jazz art punk on high." - american pancake

"Masterfully mixing Swing, Surf, Punk, and Pineapples into a magical Concoction." - I Heart SF Bands

Spectacularly catchy and exciting and addictive" - The Bay Bridged

Photo by Francesco Carucci

Photo by Francesco Carucci


To hear Van Goat, simply click here.

To smell Van Goat, simply find a Yellow Sharpie.

To see Van Goat, you must go to a live show. Their performances have been described as both ‘pleasing’ and ‘nice’.

To touch Van Goat, you must pay an additional $5.

To taste Van Goat, you must go to Colonial Donuts after 2am and get a box of assorted donuts and donut holes. You must mix bites of donuts to get the full experience.


Aidan Ward: Lead Vocals / Guitar / Clarinet

Ben Einstein: Keyboards / Pineapples / Vocals

Derek Burle: Bass / Vocals

Lindsay Alexis: Trombone / Vocals

Taylor Moxon: Drums

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Kurt De Bont @ Rootstown


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