Follow Me Under - Limited Edition Vinyl

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blank vinyl v2.jpg

Follow Me Under - Limited Edition Vinyl


Van Goat's new album "Follow Me Under" pressed to Vinyl. Also includes a digital download of the album. 

1. Follow Me Under 02:46 

2. King Krupa 00:42

3. Scuttle 02:21

4. Ew La La 02:26

5. Nothing Matters 04:11

6. To Be Loved 01:24

7. Aunt Arctica 02:25

8. Willie The Weeper 03:10

9. Dry Me Out 03:38

10. Six Foot Skeleton 02:18

11. Saliva Monster 01:51

12. Hide and Seek 02:22

13. Finder 02:49

14. National Identity 02:54

15. I Live In A Bubble 04:38

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Punk. Swing. Ragtime. Southern jazz. Surf. Van Goat is a band to which you could apply many labels, but none would quite prepare you for what you’re about to hear as you pop on your headphones and queue up their album. 

Harnessing the diverse DIY aesthetic of their native Oakland, Van Goat (featuring Aidan Ward, Ben Einstein, Derek Burle, Lindsay Alexis, and Taylor Moxon) is in the business of writing not only songs that you can dance to, but entire albums that you can enjoy front to back without pausing or skipping: a musical experience wherein each successive song’s mottled riffs and bewildering charisma is pleasantly startling. 

Follow Me Under, the five-piece’s debut full-length LP, pits thick bass lines against rhythmic trombone; pointed lyrics against verdant harmonies: bursts of liveliness in the first half against bursts of contemplation in the second. Side A, so to speak, is the dancing side, and Side B is the meditative side, but the entire LP creates a shindig all its own, plucking together influences both local and global and mashing them together in a cohesive and sophisticated exertion. 

“You know when you’re in the shower and you want to turn the water as hot as you possibly can, and when it starts to burn you, you lower it a little bit? That’s what I want people to feel with this record,” says bassist Derek Burle.


released September 21, 2018 

Produced by Van Goat. Additional production by AJ McKinley. Recorded by Van Goat at Top Story Studios in Oakland CA. Mixed by John Smart. Mastered by Piper Payne at Neato Mastering in Oakland CA. Additional recording by Brad Lincoln, Ben Einstein, Nathan Bauld. Album artwork by Cody Blocker. Logo design by Eric Smith. Photography by Francesco Carucci. 

Van Goat is Aidan Ward, Lindsay Alexis, Ben Einstein, Derek Burle, and Taylor Moxon. 

All lyrics written by Aidan Ward, music by Van Goat except: “Nothing Matters” and “Saliva Monster” lyrics by Lindsay Alexis, Six Foot Skeleton lyrics by Taylor Moxon, and “Willie The Weeper” [traditional] lyrics and music written by unknown, additional lyrics by Aidan Ward. 

Copyright © 2018 Van Goat. 

Thanks to Alex Mallonee, John Smart, Francesco Carucci, AJ McKinley, Eric Smith and the SNAFU Family, Fred Hausman, Cody Blocker, Piper Payne and Steve Jarvis. Special thanks to Matt Sweeney, Emily Hall, Chris Barton, our parents, friends, family, and to everyone who contributed to the making of this album.