Notes from the double-header

trombone you know

Bear Lincoln is in recovery from a two-show hullabaloo yesterday, August 9. The shores of Crab Cove in Alameda, CA came alive with community during the evening, with throngs of revelers taking in the picturesque Bay Area summer in the company of family, friends, food and live music. The kids were dancing, the parents were thankful that the kids were occupied, and some of them were even getting down to the beats and such.


We had a great time mingling with the other groups and the fun-loving crowd – The day was a rousing success. Congratulations to Soulstice!

imageAfter the festivities wound down and the crowds dispersed, Taylor and I became momentarily lost navigating the streets of Alameda. Then, glorious 880 appeared on the horizon and we jumped on the Highway to Homeville. Quickly snagging the drumset, it was a new adventure on the way to Pacifica for the Burlesque show at Winter’s Tavern.

ugh traffic

It is now time for a well-meaning tirade. Spaint drivers merging into the cash only lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza should be ticketed for screwing over people in the long line behind them. If you walked into Wal-Mart, picked out a bunch of useless crap because you’re at Wal-Mart and then cut in front of all the other paying customers trying to buy their own articles of useless crap, they would be pissed and you would be publically chastised to the back of the line. Because nobody should be reversing on the freeway, the drivers who are in a closed lane should simply go through the Fastrak lane, have their smiling license plate picture taken, and be billed the fat ticket they deserve. We can do this, people. No mercy.

Anyway, smoldering after a trip that took 40 minutes longer than it needed to, we arrived at Winter’s Tavern in time for a phenomenal Vaudeville-style extravaganza, where beautiful temptresses and mystifying sleight-of-handers and illusion gurus brought the sex and savvy to Pacifica’s hottest nightlife venue. We played an abbreviated set late in the night but had a blast in the friendliest company this here Bay Area can offer. We love Winter’s Tavern.