Editor’s note: We may have had one “winner” for our first Tiny Desk Concert Contest — Oakland blues-rock musician Fantastic Negrito — but in truth we had many. This week we’re sharing 10 highlights from nearly 7,000 entries.

The One That Caught Alt.Latino’s Ear: Diana Gameros

Latin artists made a strong showing in the contest — so much so that Alt.Latino hosts Felix Contreras and Jasmine Garsd decided to center this week’s show around them. We loved entries from Como Las Movies and Melaena Cadiz, but Diana Gameros (and her cat, Lulu!) especially transfixed us with the sparsely beautiful “Ligerita.” Jasmine was drawn to one lyric in particular: “I love the line ligerita quiero ser, ‘I want to be light,’ like a feather, because her voice is so light and soft.”

Videographer: Claudio Nalerio